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Getting back into running? – Run into it BACKWARDS

How many times have you re-started your running when the weather gets better, only to find yourself a month or two in with knee, ankle or foot pains? Well this tip is for you . . .

Whilst in theory walking and running are primal human movements that we all are capable of, in reality the modern sedentary lifestyle we lead, combined with lifetime use of poor footwear, often leaves us out of condition and not best placed to take advantage of our natural movement birthrights.

For (repeat) beginners, or those looking to re-condition their running style to relieve themselves of chronic aches, running backwards is a valuable and under-utilised tool.

Here’s why you should start your program with a few weeks of backwards running . . .

  • It’s almost impossible to land on the wrong part of your foot, therefore preventing impact injuries and strengthening the musculature of your ankle, arch and toes.


  • Running backwards prevents over striding and hones your movement pattern to be high cadence and low impact.


  • When running in reverse you simultaneously strengthen the muscles around your knees whilst significantly reducing the shearing force on your patella tendon and knee cap.


  • It’s hard! In fact in terms of cardio vascular conditioning, running backwards for short intervals can get you ready for longer forward facing normal runs, all before putting in the extra milage.

Sure, running backwards won’t condition you for all elements of running, but finding a field or track, taking your shoes off, and putting in a few sessions of backwards running before starting to run forwards, and then continuing to include training in reverse to your weekly program can make all the difference between a short-lived attempt at running, and a pastime activity that contributes to your vitality and health.

BONUS TIP – When you transition into forwards running, be sure to wear neutral or barefoot style shoes that allow your feet to flex and feel the ground underneath you, and try to mimic the exact feeling through your feet when landing that you felt while running backwards. 

High blood pressure? – do this before worrying about salt intake . . . 

Salt being causative of high blood pressure and a contributor to cardio vascular disease has long since been disproven but two myths that refuse to die (often from within the medical system) is that that lowering your salt intake will significantly impact your blood pressure, and that a ‘well salted’ diet is that of an unhealthy person. In fact the opposite is often true, that people with two little sodium suffer from a wide range of symptoms that are difficult to assign a diagnosis to.

Here’s something you could try in order to regain control of your blood pressure (and it almost always works), helping you to avoid the imprisonment and damaging side effects of daily lifelong blood pressure lowering meds.

  • Reduce carbohydrates – sugar is hydrophilic meaning that it clings on to water molecules, so if you have constantly raised blood sugar, then the extra volume of water will contribute to consistently higher blood pressure.


  • Reduce carbohydrates – this time for a different reason. Most of us know by now that when we eat sugar our body secrets the hormone insulin in order to direct the energy into our muscle and fat cells. (This is to protect the brain from intoxication from high levels of glucose in the blood). However, the chronic presence of raised insulin in the bloodstream can prevent the kidneys from releasing nitric oxide (which dilates the arteries). As the ‘pipes’ (arteries) essentially stay small, blood pressure increases. This process can also lead to kidney damage, which then also results in high blood pressure.


  • Reduce carbohydrates – again??? Why?, Well the combination of chronically high blood sugar and the presence raised insulin levels in the blood are both known to be inflammatory agents, often targeting the small blood vessels and the walls of the coronary arteries. In order to battle this inflammation the body then increases the various white blood cells and other immune system agents in order to fight off the offence. This can also contribute to increased blood volume and therefore elevated blood pressure.


  • Lastly, reduce stress. Change your lifestyle to allow more time outside, say no to your boss, work on your perspective and abilities to handle tough situations, understand your anxieties and how to keep them at bay, exercise regularly, and sleep plenty.

Whilst the reduction of medication should always be done in consultation with a competent professional, avoiding or quickly reducing the need for medication is the only way to achieve real health. The side effects of long term medications are often more devastating and irreversible than the symptoms they were initially prescribed to treat.

Get your protein from the best sources  – NOT ALL PROTEIN IS EQUAL

Whilst the mainstream messaging is frequently telling us that the future is plant based, science is catching up with what our ancestors have known instinctively for millennia. The message? Not all protein is made equal, and that protein from animal sources is digested and metabolised more efficiently by humans.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s the study . . .

Protein isn’t just necessary for building muscle. It is a critical element within enzymes, hormones, neural signalling, motoric control, cognitive function and much more. So for optimal health, consume optimal protein. 

A rough guide (with it’s roots in the literature) is to aim for a daily minimum of 1.5-2g of protein (from animal sources), per Kg of target body weight.

Check out our free guides on how to load your plate for further resources and guidance on how to optimize your diet.

“Substantial Improvements in depression and psychosis symptoms . . .” – How?

This retrospective analysis of inpatients suffering from persistent mental health conditions shows that the Ketogenic Diet had significantly positive effects on reduction or reversal of their symptoms.

This further confirmation of already known suspicions is huge, having the potential to treat millions of patients round the world in a medication free way, avoiding the costs and the side effects of current conventional treatment methods.

The Pope interferes in the world of diet and climate change with dangerous message to young people

Whilst not a vegan himself, The Pope has suggested that young people eat less meat in order to protect the environment. 

These preachings have the potential to induce further suffering, both in the poorer development and health status of younger generations, but also distracting from actions could have real impact on looking after the planet.

Fabricated data in Big Pharma’s attempt to help you forget about the real causes of dementia

A recent expose on influential Alzheimers research highlights how fraudulent data has directed research into potential treatments, wasting billions of dollars, and misleading the medical and scientific communities.


“ . . .  And it seems highly likely that for the last 16 years, most research on Alzheimer’s and most new drugs entering trials have been based on a paper that, at best, modified the results of its findings to make them appear more conclusive, and at worst is an outright fraud. . . “

Depression is not as a result of serotonin imbalance in the brain

Could this rabbit hole be the reason why, for many, medication against depression doesn’t cure the condition? And has over prescription of medication actually led to worsened symptoms in the long term despite the perceived short term relief?

Whilst there is no doubt that in some circumstances psychiatric medication can enable patients with severe disease to enjoy a more stable and functional way of life, this review paper highlights that we still have very little understanding of the biology of depression. 

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Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates – by Ian Miller – https://amzn.to/3blHi4D 

Lick the Sugar Habit: Sugar Addiction Upsets Your Whole Body Chemistry – by Nancy Appleton – https://amzn.to/3OGUNJO


Eat Like The Animals: What Nature Teaches Us About the Science of Healthy Eating – by David Raubenheimer & Stephen Simpson – https://amzn.to/3A2Al2a


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