How the floor is your friend | TikTok and your fridge | More reasons to preserve muscle | Using Keto diet to treat cancer | APRIL 2022

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Focus on muscle growth and preservation (not just for weight loss)

Whilst we regularly use the body fat percentage as an indicator of general health, there is a good argument to also focus on the absolute lean body mass (in Kg)

This study from the US along with this Japanese analysis  both found that having a higher lean mass (weight of muscle and bones not including body fat) number was indicative of health regardless of amount of body fat, showing an inverse correlation with mortality.

This doesn’t mitigate the need for maintaining a healthy overall weight and body fat %, (as excess body fat, high BMI, and poor waist to height ratios are still strongly associated with chronic disease); 

BUT, the take away is that even if you’re of a normal weight, simply by increasing and maintaining your muscle mass through exercise and proper nutrition you can significantly reduce your chances of disease for the long term.

The fridge is not TikTok, you don’t need to open it every time you’re bored!

You may have seen this humorous meme doing the rounds lately? – 

So before you laugh it off and forget about it, it’s probably more useful than you’d think.

In one of last months tips we talked about placing points of friction in the way of your bad habits and triggering good ones to replace them. This is a great example of just that.

Whilst a flimsy sign may not seem like much of an obstacle, an unmissable reminder like the one in the photo can serve as both friction and a trigger. It will prompt a pause for thought about whether you’re opening the fridge because of a real nutritional hunger, and will simultaneously remind you to do what ever your pre-determined healthy alternative might be (for example going outside for a walk, or taking a break for a change in stimulation before going back to your original task).

As a bonus extra you could also list 3 of the ‘why’s’ in bold to remind and motivate you to stay focussed and disciplined (I don’t wan’t a heart attack like Dad at 55; I worked hard to lose 100lbs, I want to keep it off; My IBS is terrible when I eat the wrong foods constantly) .

Try it and let us know if it works!

Get comfortable with the floor

It’s often a slip or a fall that leads to a cascade of other life challenges, making it difficult to get back on your feet both figuratively and literally. This is true at any age but even more so as we age.

But what if just spending more time getting on and off the floor could solve that?

It is estimated that more than 60% of adults in the developed world can not get up from the floor without using their hands. Whilst this lack of strength and mobility usually coincides with other factors for poor fitness and health, what if simply spending more time on the floor could improve your mobility, strength and agility?

‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’ – A cliche that couldn’t be more relevant than in this conversation. 

Hanging out on the floor (like is often seen in Eastern cultures) forces you to shift your position more often, challenges your ability to stabilise yourself in unusual positions, and over time can actually lead to an increase in agility and strength. 

So next time you’re watching a movie, writing an email, playing a game or even eating dinner, consider getting down to earth like our ancestral cousins. The more time the better. Over time try to practice getting on off the floor without using your hands, and also how to roll around without impact. 

Getting used to these motions might just hone the instinctual movements you need to help prevent injury if and when you trip up.

A recognition that red meats are unlikely to cause cancer 

A follow up analysis of the massive Women’s Health Initiative study notes that elevations in the instances of chronic disease are largely attributable to over all dietary patterns rather than red meat – further highlighting how we were wrong to demonize red meat in the past.

Check out the data published in the Oxford Journal of Nutrition

A compelling case for the Ketogenic Diet to be used as a measure to prevent or treat certain types of cancers

A fascinating case study by PaleoMedicina hints that using diet may be just as effective and less harmful than traditional therapies at treating some cancers. If you know someone that is suffering, this may be an arena to explore in more depth.

Find out how they did it – PKD as a stand-alone therapy in cancer

Reduced knee pain in diabetics

We already know that a low carbohydrate diet can put type 2 diabetes into remission. At the same time it’s a diet that is known to be inherently anti-inflammatory.

A new study adds to the growing body of evidence showing that limiting carbohydrate intake can significantly improve rheumatoid conditions such as arthritis and joint pains.

Read the details here

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Here’s this months selection! . . . 

Soil, Grass and Cancer: The Link Between Human and Animal Health and the Mineral Balance of the Soil – by Andre Voisin –https://amzn.to/3KdDgqm 

The Fasting Cure: Reset Your Body; using fasting to cure ailments and manage weight – by Upton Sinclair – https://amzn.to/3MpaCnB

End Your Carb Confusion; a renewed body, mind and spirit – by Eric Westman – https://amzn.to/3vHmLgS 

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