🪷Finding your inner Stoic to relieve anxiety and depression. Some useful tools . . .

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Stoicism and Metal Health

Why are we all anxious and depressed??
It can’t be ignored that in 2023 the rates of people seeking help for phsychiatric conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety and depression are at an all time high. Previously we’ve talked about how poor lifestyles, intoxicating dietary patterns, and over connection to media noise, all feed in to the way the way we experience the world. Adding to the confusion has been the growing trend of ‘everyone has a therapist’, which for some has only helped in prescribing them a condition that they didn’t have, bluring the line between genuine mental health challenges and simply feeling strong (but normal) human emotions.

Did the Stoics have the answer?
Stoicism is an empowering approach to life that combines philosophy, mindset, and wisdom. It provides reminders and advice on how to lead a fulfilling life, based on straightforward theories. It is simple to implement and can have a positive and calming impact, transforming negative feelings into a sense of peace and clarity.

Here’s a few Stoic principles with a modern day interpretation:

Stoic 🏛: We don’t control events, but we do control what they mean
Modern 🏢: Don’t lose sleep over something you can’t control

Stoic 🏛: Disruption to serenity cannot be avoided
Modern 🏢: Shit happens!

Stoic 🏛: Practice poverty
Modern 🏢: Stay humble/Be resilient 

Stoic 🏛: Anger will not help you
Modern 🏢: Keep calm and carry on

Stoic 🏛: Everything takes up space
Modern 🏢: Minimalism

Stoic 🏛: You protect your possessions, why not your mind?
Modern 🏢: Look after your mental health!

Stoic 🏛: Don’t wreck the purpose of your life to impress others
Modern 🏢: Don’t care what other people think

Stoic 🏛: Think of your problems in relation to the sky
Modern 🏢: Look at the bigger picture

Stoic 🏛: Forget stereotypes and labels: concentrate on the character
Modern 🏢: You do you/take of your mask

Stoic 🏛: Seek out obstacles
Modern 🏢: Step out of your comfort zone/growth mindset.

Stoic 🏛: Amor Fati (the love of fate)
Modern 🏢: Whatever will be, will be. Find the positives in life.

Gratefulness, calm, and self recognition
One of Stoicsm’s most powerful messages is to zoom out and look at the situation from a different perspective. Recognising that we’re lucky to endure that challenging circumstances that privilage affords us (work loads, problematic children, an irritating ailment, a home disaster). Whilst it’s definitely good to have aspirations, it’s often necessary to remind ourselves of what we already have, or how far we have already come.

Chase the challenge not the goal
In so many aspects of life, we get so focused on the end goal, that we forget to embrace the journey only to find that the reward of reaching the target is an anticlimax or that the task feels overwhelming and unattainable. Taking a more stoic approach and being grateful for the grind, or even better, connecting with the purpose rather than the finish line, can help to releive the massive modern world stresses we put upon ourselves that often lead to depression or anxiety.

Try this:
Use these questions and statements and apply them to situations you find yourself in that often irritatre or frustrate you that you find tedious or uninviting . . . 

  • ‘If this isn’t good I dont know what is’ 
  • ‘I don’t have to do this, I’m lucky I get to do this. . .’
  • ‘Where am I making things more complex than they need to be?’
  • ‘What would this look like if it were easy?’
  • ‘How would the type of person I want to become handle this?’
  • ‘What would I do if it was impossible for me to fail?’
  • ‘Is my mind being held hostage by someone else’s exciting life, better skills, or bigger accomplishments? (Why) should I be happy for them and why should I not compare myself to them?’

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