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Risk Factors for Heart Disease

The 3 Biggest Risk Factors for developing Heart Disease:

Diabetes (including ‘pre-diabetes’) – Carbohydrate Toxicity Disease

Metabolic Syndrome (defined as a person displaying three or more of – abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high serum triglycerides, and low serum high-density lipoprotein)

Hypertension (high blood pressure) – most frequently as a result of or symptom from the above two conditions

– Side note about pre-diabetes – your Doctor may not call you out on this if your fasting blood sugar is within the reference range, or your HBA1C figure is below 6.5% – but these are estimated recommendations for treatment eligability categorisation. You may well be pre-diabetic long before the medical system picks you up. How do we know? Well, 90% of society has metabolic disease (USA figures, but the rest of the west is catching up fast) – And it has long been recognised that diabetes trajectory can be seen in your health markersas much as 20 years prior).

Least useful measures of risk?
Total Cholesterol
– on its own this has been shown to be an (almost) irrelevant measurement. This is because without knowing the breakdown of the different types of lipoproteins, lipid particle number and size, and also proxy measurements (such as ApoA1, ApoA2 and LPa), then we can’t actually make any observations as to a persons likely state of health or risk.

LDL C – This number isn’t epecailly helpful for two reasons. The first being that it is an estimated figure and not a measurement, and can be widly inaccurate compared to a measured value. Secondly, even when measured, troves of reviews papers and meta-analysis show that the mechanisms implicating LDL cholesterol as causal of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes were simply misunderstood or misrepresented. At the same time, it would appear that lowering LDL cholesterol doesn’t impact the outcomes for Heart Disease, but does correlate with lower all cause mortality.

Why the wilful ignorance?
As is often the theme with these Myth-Busting posts, it all comes down to tracing the money to understand the motive. A patient cured is a customer lost; the interests of Big Pharma and corporate medical providers is to make sure you’re a repeat customer for as long as possible – but that often comes at the cost of helping you thrive (even if you are being kept alive). 

Poorly conducted studies, including erased and ignored data, were used to guide governmental medical guidlines, starting in the mid 1970’s. It was widely believed that LDL cholesterol was absolutely causal in the development and progression of heart disease. The errors in the science have been exposed already for 20 years or more. Bodies such as the AHA and NHS have removed their warnings about Saturated Fat and Cholesterol from their websites, but they haven’t come out and publically announced they were wrong, nor have they updated the guidelines. One reason for this is that doing so would go against the influence and expecations of their biggest benefactors – the drug and processed food corporations.

Top 4 things you can do…

Diet – As well as having the biggest influence on all your risk factors for cardio vascular disease it’s also one of the most important epigenetic element for maintaining all-round good health. Furthermore, with a poor diet, you significantly reduce the efficacy of any medical intervention should you need it. Clean up your eating habits today!

Stop smoking – simple as that. Just stop. Stop NOW!

Exercise & Movement – Make walking after meals a habit (minimum 15 minutes). Lift heavy things for maintaining muscle mass (for metabolic function), and strenuous activities for optimizing cardio-aerobic capacity. Learn more about the right amount and type of movement from this Health Fix Post

Earthing – get back in contact with your environment by being barefoot on the ground. It has amazing effects on blood pressure, stress levels, digestion and circadian rhythms (all which influence the other risk factors for heart disease). Read more about earthing in this prevous Daily Health Fix dose.

Sleep – it effects everything. Set a fixed wake up time, and make sure you’re in bed 8 hours before that. So no to anything that will get in the way of that.

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