😤You ran out of time to exercise again, didn’t you? Let’s fix that problem.

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Your Daily Health Fix today is about … 

Removing Friction

Previously we discussed how generally moving more could be more crucial to your overall health outcomes, but at the same time acknowledging why exercise can make all the difference.


Today’s dose is for those that already have the best of intentions to get into a consistent exercise routine, but often find the days and weeks fly by and theres always something else that wins the battle for your time.



Hashing out the ‘Excuses’

In order to remove the obstacles, we first need to recognise what they are.


‘I’m just too tired at the end of the day’

‘I don’t have time to get home and go out again’

‘Theres always something going on with the kids’

‘I’m too full after lunch and theres no other time’

‘The gym is such a dull place, I hate being there’

‘I don’t enjoy exercise because it’s hard/I get hot/it’s monotonous/I get sore . . .’

‘I just forget or get distracted, and then the day is gone’

‘Work often call and I feel obliged to jump on tasks at the last minute’


I could write hundreds of these – but you can make a note of your own version. Be honest with yourself though.




Frame it the right way

Most people see brushing their teeth in the morning as imperative – either the fear of them falling out, or the humiliation of being branded ‘the one with smelly breath’ incentivises the effort. 


By the same token, everyone knows you have to take the dog for a walk morning and night. You do it because the consequences are dire for your beloved pet, and you don’t wish to bear the responsibility of neglecting to care of it.



Framing your exercise time as imperative OR ELSE, changes everything in the psychology of motivation. 


Here’s 3 perspectives that no-one would argue with – 



IT’S MEDICINE – Quite simply, exercising consistently has the highest return on investment (alongside nutrition) for it’s positive impact on every aspect of your health – at every stage throughout life. 


IT’S A PRIVELLAGE – Because there are those that aren’t well enough to still be able to exercise. Recognising the privellage gives more weight to prioritising and honouring it.


IT’S NON NEGOTIABLE – Just like taking your dog for a walk, take yourself for a walk – treat yourself like someone your responsible for caring for.



Tips to make it happen (consistently)


Decide in advance – As exercise time is non negotiable like teeth cleaning and dog walking, block out the time in your calendar at the start of each week (or even month). Write in ‘Exercise – NON NEGOTIABLE’ . The rule to yourself is that the block of time can be moved but not deleted. 


Do it in the mornings – If you don’t have the freedom or discipline to say no to things that come up throughout the day, then block out your exercise time for first thing in the day before anything else. While working out first thing may seem tough at first, you’ll quickly reap the benefits of boosted energy, reduced stress and better metabolic function experienced when being active in the mornings.


Set boundaries – especially when it comes to work creeping in to your self care time. Tell your boss or your colleagues that you’ll be unavailable after work, or that you’ll be in an hour late in the morning. Your excuse (if you need one) – ‘it’s medical’. Culturally we see it as acceptable to take a break from work to go to the the doctors. Given the unparalleled impact on your health that exercise has, consider it preventative medicine that no-one will stop you taking.


Remind yourself why – because sometimes there’s no-one to blame other than the lethargic and lazy voice inside our heads. When you’re about to give yourself a free pass, remind yourself of the reasons why you do it. Then, just do it. 


Lastly, Consider short workouts – because despite all of the above, life is a constant juggle. There are some days that you really just don’t have a full hour to give. As long as you don’t play this card every time, short workouts or simple routines can be perfect for those busy periods.

. . . That’s it for this dose,


Until the next time – Stay Motivated!💪🏼




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