Why is everybody inflamed these days? Managing inflammation and reducing chronic pain 🤕

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Managing inflammation more effectively (without medication)

Why is chronic inflammation now so common?
Inflammation is one of first protective and reparatory actions the human body takes when it experiences an onslaught or attack on any of its tissues. This is completely normal and part of the body’s autonomous wound healing mechanisms – in most cases this inflammation lasts a few days or a few weeks depending on the severity of the condition. 

Worldwide prescription and use of anti-inflammatory Drugs (such as Ibuprofen) is at an all time high for chronic pains and general discomfort, but the pill pushing continues without anyone asking ‘if inflammation is a natural protective process, what is attacking me that is causing this inflammation in the first place?’

Whilst there are many factors in the modern world that didn’t exist for previous generations throughout evolution, some of the biggest contributors to chronic inflammation are found in the Western Diets, cosmetics products, medications, plastics (for food packaging, utensil coatings and clothing) and cleaning products. 

The problem with NSAIDS (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs):
In addition to their addictive effect, long term use of Anti Inflammatory Medications can actually lead to greater inflammation and more pain. Users often experience a waning effect of the drugs so dosage increase is common. 

Additionally long term users of NSAID’s frequently suffer from –
Liver Damage
Kidney Disease
Gastro Intestinal Bleeding
Stomach Ulcers
Gerd (acid reflux)
Auto-Immune Conditions (such as IBS, Asthma, Arthritis)
Heart Attacks
Increased blood pressure

Is there a place for anti-inflammation drugs?
For the controlled treatment of inflammation in a post surgical or post infection state. In the case of accute injury or illness short term use of anti-inflammatory drugs may help in patient care for pain reduction or prevention out of control inflammatory responses by the immune system. These are tools for use inspecific situations, not candies to be ingested daily for life.

How to reduce inflammation naturally:
Eat only real food
– (this is the biggest thing you can do for you health in general). Eat mainly well raised or wild meats, game or fish. Eat seasonal fruits. Avoid the parts of plants that the plant doesnt want you to eat (roots and leaves). Eat fruits that are local and seasonal and as close to their biologically natural form as possible. [Side note – people often mess up by eating what they think is healthy foods (fruits and vegetables) but they are highly modified and grown in soils that are sprayed with poisons and petrochemicals as pesticides and fertilisers – these chemicals can be highly damaging when consumed over the long term].

Exercise – you’ve heard this before. Whilst the right food can help you avoid chronic inflammation in the first place, exercise is one of the most effective tools for reducing inflammation. Move daily and intensely. If you don’t enjoy exercise, reframe it as self care rather than punishment.

Sun Exposure – Get outside with your skin in the sun as often as possible. Don’t use sunscreen (another poison), but do becareful to limit your exposure time to before the point of burning. Both the UV exposure and the synthesis of Vitamin D (and resultant higher levels of Vitamin D in the body) both play a significant role in regulating and reducing chronic inflammation.

Sleep – Sleep is so cruicial for repairing the body that regular or chronic sleep deprivation (in number of hours or quality of sleep) can lead to increased or prolonged inflammation, poor immune function and chronic pain.

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