Our proven methods and techniques have been honed for helping you to attain the ultimate transformation to your fitness and health.


From weight management to athletic performance, and lifestyle balance with maximum confidence, your Health Fix program takes the best of our mentoring experience and the most accurate science and tailors it to your individual goals and personality in order to maximize efficiency and success.


No matter where you are or what stage of your journey you are on, we will keep you accountable and support you very step of the way.



Before starting your journey with us, we collect all the necessary information about who you are as an individual, so we can understand best your unique needs, challenges and goals.


We’ll discuss your current lifestyle and state of health, your history with physical activity, your current diet and understanding of nutrition, and other factors like work stresses or family commitments.


Using this information we will start your Health Fix journey from the place and angle that will be most appropriate and effective for you.



Whether you’ve avoided the gym or hated sports all forever, or you’ve always been active or athletic, our personal fitness training programs are bespoke to your starting point and goals.


From injury management and prevention, to instilling good and healthy daily movement habits, we select exercises and routines that will optimize your performance whilst promoting sustainability and longevity.


Our coaching methodology will motivate and support you whilst giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

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The word ‘Diet’ derives from the Greek word ‘dieta’ meaning ‘a way of life’. Modern day diet fads fail because they don’t respect our psychology or biology so are often unrealistic or unhealthy to adopt as a way of life.


At the Health Fix we understand the behavioural and emotional connections to food and the way our hormones are affected by it, and how in turn they then affect our behaviour and choices.


We’ll give you all the information and tools you need along with guidance as to how to optimize your nutrition with regard to health. Alongside this we will adjust for other individual goals such as weight loss, athletic performance, or even lazer sharp concentration.



We understand that transforming your health involves a lot more than just a well planned exercise regime or the right nutritional knowledge.


That’s why we’re by your side every step of the way. Your Health Fix mentor is only a message or a call away any time, helping you to stay on track towards your goals. We’ll counsel you through any stumbling blocks with the expertise and motivation to make sure you’re doing it right.


Your coach-client relationship is based around an intimate understanding and awareness of your situation at all times. That’s why we pro-actively check in on you even when all seems to be ok, to catch any issues before they arise – ensuring that you’re set up to succeed.

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At The Health Fix we use a variety of digital tools and systems to help us help you stay accountable and on track.


Our Training App shows you what activities and routines to follow encouraging you into healthy habit building. You can keep track of nutritional metrics, see exercise demonstrations, and record data to objectively analyze your progress.


Your coach will also use these tools to help motivate and educate you, and will use the data to assist in reviewing and tweaking your program at intervals throughout your journey.


These tools will aide you in efficiently achieving the transformation you’re striving for!


The Health Fix Coaching is a process that will analyze and break down your current habits and will then build a roadmap to optimized health and fitness, whilst giving you a knowledge base that will serve you long in to the future. Here’s a brief outline of how it works . . .


2 meetings per month covering the following:-

  • to teach new fitness routines
  • to provide nutritional mentoring
  • to overcome mindset/motivation hurdles
  • working through your program
  • reviewing progress and updating your program(s)


(via phone / whatsapp / email etc)

  • accountability (constant check in by your coach)
  • ask questions / share concerns
  • help with exercise technique
  • review exercise execution
  • discuss / review nutritional understanding and planning


Ensuring your success by preventing setbacks

  • developing a sense of mindfulness toward situations and thoughts in relation to the journey you are following
  • understanding how to react in a pragmatic and considered way to situations, aimed at avoiding frustration, disappointment and stress


Movement and Fitness training

  • exercises and routines chosen specifically for your current level with the aim of efficiently optimizing your fitness
  • strengthening the foundations of your human movement patterns
  • improving your abilities, confidence and performance
  • achieving your athletic goals
  • rehabbing or preventing injury


Giving you the tools to fuel for health and performance

  • teaching you about ancestral nutrition
  • debunking widely believed nutritional myths
  • creating a plan for upgrading your diet
  • reviewing the process and adapting according to your individual response and successes


Helping to keep you on track and ensure your success

  • view your training programs & exercise demonstrations
  • additional educational resources for sharpening nutritional understandings
  • mindfulness resources offering ideas and perspectives to enhance your toolbox
  • record your activities and track your progress


At The Health Fix we recognise that coaching and mentoring is much more complex than just teaching and babysitting fitness routines. The journey to a complete health transformation isn’t always straight forward. We’re proud of and confident in the framework we have built for supporting you every step of the way. Here’s a few reasons why . . .



No matter where you live, or how frequently you travel, our online training tools and methods enable constant contact with your coach to ensure that you stay on track and continue to progress.


Backed by sound research, you can feel confident that your program has its basis in science, designed for optimum results.


Combining our experience and knowledge with your individual goals and abilities to design the perfect program for you.


Through our initial analysis and constant review, we put you achieving health and fitness
as our top priority.


Mentoring is more than just teaching you information. Our experienced coaches are experts in recognising and supporting your individual needs throughout the process of your transformation.


We’ll ensure that you stay on the path towards your goals using technology and communication to accurately monitor your progress and keep you motivated and on track.


We use tech and communication tools to monitor your progress and keep you on track.


Constant contact with your mentor ensures that your habits and routines stay relevant to whatever stage you’re at in your health journey.


From daily activity reminders and set routines, to monthly reviews of metabolic and performance data, our combination of powerful tools and individualized programming is a proven recipe for achieving sustainable results.



If you’re ready to commit to the process and put in the work then the cliché of ‘the sky’s the limit’ couldn’t be more appropriate.

Lose that body fat you’ve been trying to shift for years. Feel a new lease of life with boosted energy. Attain athletic performance that you never thought possible. Prevent or reverse the onset of chronic illness. Have the figure and aesthetic of real health; radiate confidence on the outside, and feel it on the inside for any situation you find yourself in.


No matter your age, your current state of health or your knowledge and experience – if you follow the program and work closely with your coach, incredible results really are within reach!

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It’s understandable to be apprehensive about starting along a new path, even when that path is to improved health. It can be easy to see the successes of others yet think that those achievements are beyond our own reach. Remember;


You’re never too old, too fat, or too clueless to start


If you think you’ve tried everything, think again, you just didn’t discover the right thing.


If you’ve experienced poor coaching techniques in the past it doesn’t mean you’re beyond help.


If you’ve never exercised in your life, that only means that you’re only one activity away from a new great habit.


You’ve failed with diets in the past – That’s exactly what The Health Fix excel in. We understand the psychology of food so that this time you’ll succeed.


‘I’m injured’ – well all the more reason to tackle your movement patterns to rehab, build strength and return you to mobility.


You’re never too busy to fix your health – after not long at all you’ll never notice that you’re managing to achieve more with your time.



Like many elements of life, the choice to invest now or pay later couldn’t be more appropriate than when thinking about our health.


Investing in your health today will help avoid poor health later down the line. With optimal movement habits and clean nutrition your chances of suffering decrease, whilst the flourishing continues to grow with infinity.


Avoid chronic disease, prevent injury, maximize concentration and productivity, eliminate pain, be agile and strong, thrive, prosper and enjoy longevity.

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1 on 1 Private mentoring and fitness coaching with The Health Fix costs $950(usd)/month. In line with the science around physical adaptation and the uptake of behavioral change our programs are for a minimum of 6 months. This allows for enough time for you to start seeing real and sustainable physiological change. Discounts may be available (upon enquiry) for commitment to an coaching annual program.

The duration of the mentoring period and journey towards upgraded health is very individual. Factors including your starting health, your physical ability, age and time investment will greatly influence the time it takes to reach your initial goals.


What we can guarantee however is that if you are 100% compliant to your program and committed to the process, then you will see a massive change to both your physical abilities and overall health.

This is also very individual. Every client has different coaching requirements therefore the emphasis of time investment on different aspects of your health will vary throughout the process.

Some meetings will be purely focussed on teaching and practicing fitness routines, or specific exercises and techniques. Other sessions may be spent reviewing and altering your nutritional habits. At times you may need to mindfulness or lifestyle logistics for putting together the many pieces of optimal health.

At The Health Fix we try to adapt training programs to all the other demands on your time. In an ideal world you will be active for as much time as you are sedentary – but we realise this isn’t always possible.

Some clients have routines and habits to complete every day or twice per day. Other clients have short tasks through the week and more comprehensive activities at the weekends. For some this could be for 5 minutes, and for others this may be for 2 hours.


Your mentor will work closely with you to find the routine that will balance achieving your goals in a safe manor whilst ensuring you find your commitment compelling and not overwhelming.


Typically you will meet with your coach approximately once every 2 weeks, in-between staying in close communication for ongoing support on a daily basis.

The Health Fix operates on a location fluid basis. We have clients that are in various time zones across the world. For your meetings with your coach you’ll need an internet connection, a smartphone or webcam, and wireless headphones.


For the physical fitness element, some clients prefer programs that can be completed at home or outside, others prefer to join a local health club or work from hotel gyms. We don’t specify where you should, as long as your environment is safe and conducive to commitment and focus. Your program will be designed in accordance with the space and equipment that are available to you and inline with reaching your fitness and health goals.

Typically personal training models are based around showing up twice a week for your trainer to put you through your paces until you run out of energy. Similarly many gym training models put the focus purely on hypertrophy (muscle growth).


At The Health Fix we place optimum health as the ultimate goal. Our values and methods are based around sustainability and longevity with the aim of keeping you vibrant and out of the medical system.


As such, for us achieving the aesthetic you desire or athletic performance you strive for, has to come as a biproduct of being a healthy human being. Essentially we prioritise you being able to achieve your goals and then maintain them, rather than hitting a peak only to realise you cant keep it.


Rather than creating a dependency around being babysat by a trainer only for it to fall apart once that relationship comes to an end, The Health Fix will give you all the knowledge, tools and confidence to maintain your optimized lifestyle and health long after your process with us concludes.

In short, Yes! In fact, in our experience our clients that follow our location fluid mentoring model have greater long term success compare to those that used to see us at specific locations. Our coaching model promotes consistent and healthy habits that are attainable and sustainable.

During the initial induction process and at various intervals throughout your journey your coach will make assessments as to which aspects of your health need to be addressed in order to help you to achieve your goals. If your nutrition is on form, and your health markers are good, then it may be that we can focus more on the physical elements of your fitness more than the other aspects. Your program is formulated on a per client basis and in liaison with your mentor and coach.

The beauty of our location fluid Health Fix model means that you’ll never fall off the rails, even when travelling.


We can alter your programs to suit a change in location or schedule. We’ll talk about how to ensure your nutrition is kept in check whilst being exposed to different cuisines. If you fear that your itinerary wont allow for you to stay consistent while travelling we’ll also work with you to help you maintain your progress until you’re back from your trip.

Everything about The Health Fix’s methodology and delivery is based around removing friction and maximizing the efficiency of your journey towards optimal health.


No one client is the same and therefore no one program is the same. Our mentoring is highly bespoke and individualized. There’s no ‘copy-pasted’ programs, or automated messaging. Your relationship and communication with your mentor allows for constant support and review helping you to succeed in ways you never imagined possible.

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