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The Health Fix was born following an organic career progression within the fitness industry of its founder Rob Bloom and his ever intensifying passion for achieving optimal human health and performance not just for himself or his clients, but for society as a whole.


In his earlier years in the industry Rob’s focus was on the pre-hab/rehab niche concentrating on movement correction and optimization. His coaching ideology addressed the often forgotten purpose of a training program which should primarily be about being fit, healthy and efficient. He recognized that traditional and ‘old school’ training systems are failing fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike by rendering them injured or impaired rather than improved and empowered.


Rob set out to change that fact with his Training for Humans concept that re-focussed the mis-used term ‘functional training’ into a fitness program that brings out the best possible movement, endurance and integrated strength abilities and performance of the trainee. This was achieved by re-assesment and activation of human biomechanics of the trainee via a range of corrective exercises and multi-planar movement routines.


Whilst this work was always fulfilling to him, Rob realized that the problem was even greater and that the movement issues suffered by so many were just a symptom of a wider problem of general health decline throughout society. Following a re-assessment of the situation, Rob established The Health Fix, with a view to getting as many people back to optimum health by tackling their physical, physiological and psychological health as one holistic issue that cannot be separated from its individual parts. The Health Fix aims to end the constant cycles of health ailments and to keep people out of the medical system; to bring about comfort, longevity, mental clarity, maximum energy and with it content, fulfillment and happiness.


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MY STORY . . .

I was lucky. I grew up as an active kid. I had an innate strength from just a few months old. I mastered bike riding at just a couple of years old, and spent most of my childhood climbing onto things, jumping off from others, running (or riding) wild and generally being good at doing so. Team sports at school were never my thing, but I always had a decent athletic ability that served me well.


With that same luck (and likely my genetic heritage too) I grew up feeling invincible when it came to food, my metabolism and my appearance. Whilst my parents tried to encourage some sense of healthy eating to the best of their limited education on this topic, like any child I would gorge on anything available. The more chocolaty the better, not to mention Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza. Somehow though, through my teenage years and into early adulthood I managed to maintain an athletic physique to be proud of, that definitely made others jealous and certainly didn’t reflect the increasing levels of junk I was fueling myself with.

Fast forward a few years and I qualified as a personal trainer. I discovered my niche in this field and before long established myself working in the pre-hab/rehab and movement correction part of fitness. I have sharp eye for movement analysis and am a stickler for accuracy. These traits served me well for helping clients ranging from the wheelchair bound and disabled, to post surgery regular gym-goers, older clients that want to up their game and stay mobile into old age, and also elite level athletes investing everything into preventing injuries. This sector of coaching was and is fulfilling to this day, but as the years passed I realised that my ignorance of nutrition in our overall well-being was not doing anyone any favours. Not my clients and not least myself.


Amongst the many reasons that I had avoided the field of nutrition within fitness up until now were that as I had been lucky with my metabolism and my physique I didn’t feel able to connect with weight loss clients in a way that I could genuinely understand their emotional challenges, and for the same reason I feared they wouldn’t be able take me seriously as I hadn’t ever suffered from issues relating to metabolic disease. When clients had body fat to lose I would refer them out to another professional, and on the whole this arrangement was largely successful – until it wasn’t. More on that soon.

In the meantime another revelation hit me in the face. I had become a sugar addict. The feeling of invincibility was starting to wane. Yes I still had my physique, but my energy was abating, I couldn’t go more than two or three hours without a snack of some kind, and would get hangry when expected to delay eating. I had to plan my schedule for meetings and workouts around when I was going to eat. The quality of my sleep had been diminishing for sometime already, but I hadn’t yet connected the dots.


It all changed one evening after an already high carb dinner, I continued to indulge in an oversized bag of M&M’s. My Favourite. Now we all get sleepy after a large carbohydrate meal, but this was something different. As well as feeling uncomfortably comatose for the following few hours, my heart rate was elevated, I was sweating profusely and from how my hazy memory of the  event serves me I was shaking, almost as if I was on the verge of a more severe seizure. I eventually slept but awoke the following morning being shocked at the bizarre experience of the night before. It was severe and unpleasant enough for me to step back and say to myself ‘this has to stop’. Alongside this, close family members were dealing with issues of glaucoma, problems maintaining a healthy weight, fertility issues and even a diagnosis of cancer. The thought that this could be me in another 10 – 20 years filled me with trepidation, an emotion that only served to reinforce that I had to make an immediate change.

I started to learn about nutrition. This would later progress into an obsession for more and more information because the field of nutrition is still a scientific ‘can of worms’ of poorly conducted studies, conclusions published under the influence of corrupt political behaviour and general misnomers and misunderstandings of human biology. I watched hundreds of hours of lectures and read pages upon pages and articles, learnt to read the scientific analyses, and alongside this started to cook all my own food at home. Nothing packaged, processed or pre-made. I internalised all the key nutrient data for everything that I eat regularly and became mindful to my daily intake in terms of macro and micro nutrients.


The further down this rabbit hole of learning that I got, the more shocked I became about how most of what we were taught to be healthy has been mis-quoted or taken out of context. What’s worse, medical professionals and nutritionists alike were being taught this same inaccurate information that was being published more widely. All the while, people around us are getting fatter and sicker whilst suffering from a whole host of chronic diseases, or desperately staving them off with concoctions of synthetic medications that prop up their lives but have their own side effects, and cost the world an unimaginable sum of money. I was the lucky one. I still had my physique, and was young enough to escape the diagnosis of (pre)diabetes.

So as the weeks and months of study continued (and these haven’t stopped to this day), I first turned my own life around with regard to nutrition, and then started to tackle this issue with all of my clients. I stopped referring my clients out to nutritionists rather mentoring them in-house as part of their overall health transformation. I already hear you asking why? Two reasons –  whilst many clients achieved their initial weight loss goals, they were not provided with the tools in order to maintain their new and healthy regime in a lasting and manageable way. Secondly, the nutritionists following current government guidelines (based on the poorly conducted research noted earlier) were not dealing with the root cause of the problem. I was determined that most important thing for me to focus on with my clients was a ‘human reset’ of sorts. My recognition of how disconnected we have become from our ancestral roots as humans started years before when I understood that typical gym classes and workout programs were failing people, and this still holds true. But the biggest threat to our health and also the most important medicine for maintain good health is in fact the same thing – our nutrition and what we eat.


For myself, I achieved better focus, better sleep, fewer fluctuations in energy, a clean set of blood results and total control over what and when I eat. For my clients, successes have included all of the above plus unimaginable returns to a healthy controllable weight, being able to come off ‘life long’ medication for high blood pressure, a reduction in use or total cessation of antidepressants or other ‘psych meds’, huge boosts in productivity at work and at home, and overall an all-round uplift in self confidence – not only for looking better, but for knowing that the tools and mindfulness gained on the path to these achievements can be transferred and applied to many other aspects of life.

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